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When NOT to Trade

Why NOT to Trade

Just take a side, there is no trade zone here, no trade zone for me, all these words mean DON NOT trade, you may hear such words from professional traders from time to another, if you don't hear it, then professionals don't say every thing to you.

I think one of the most important reason that makes people fail with Forex trading, is that they trade in the wrong time, simply they don't choose the right time to open a position, what I mean by "Right time" is not what time in the day, no, what I mean that it could be days or even weeks.

You may have your own system that tested and works fine, you know when to open a position, when to close, exits and take profits, and every thing is just fine, but suddenly day after day you lose, you don't make any profits, the system performance is decreased, and you're asking what happened??

When to Trade

Simply your system in incomplete, it doesn't tell you "When not to trade" the market must be have the necessary move and liquidity to make money, if you have no moves in the market then how can you make money, you may see up and down moves, but if you calculate the daily pips, you'll find out that pips could be done in few hours in another day, which means that the market not moving, then Don't trade and stay away from the market.

Volume Indicators

There are indicators that could help you to know the market condition, for me I'm using Volume indicator, if the volume went after a specific level, then I'll take a rest and not to trade then keep my money as is, any trade under that level it'll be risky, even if I get profit, it'll be very small profit that doesn’t deserve the risk, take a another look at your system and consider the market condition before opening any positions.

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